Is Curved Monitor Good for Office work?

Curved screens did manage to attract many eyeballs. However, Is Curved Monitor Good for Office work? The answer is YES, period. There are limitless opportunities when you are working with new tech like these. No wonder 11.3 million units are already sold in 2021.

For not only gamers but also curved monitors are good for office works as well. Picture it like this. You are working on a project that requires continuous peaking on multiple windows. A large and curve screen will allow you to set multiple windows. It increases productivity.

However, as all good things have some flaws, this particular tech is no exception. For a start, if you are into the creative section. Especially in 2D graphic design patterns, then the curve might be a hiccup.

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Is Curved Monitor Good for Office work
Is Curved Monitor Good for Office work

Both Sides of the Coin

When we talk about benefits, the first thing that comes in our mind is health. Health is perhaps the core judging variable for every tech on the planet. Speaking of health, our eyesight and other factory sensors are active during the long hours in desks.

So, making something that limits the harmful aspects is always accepted. Researchers have found that as the curve of the screen mimics the curvature of the eye, it is more practical in design. On top of that, it limits the head movement and allows us to use our full vision.

On the other side of the coin, it is very hard to adjust according to the curve. Let us face it, not all the desks and chairs are ideal for viewing screens, right! Therefore, to get a good view, we often adjust the tilting position of the flat screens.

As of now, the limitation is pretty slim. However, making a judgment out of it will be childish. We need to look more into the aspects. For that, we will have to divide the discussion into three perspectives. These are:

  • Tech & Resolution
  • Aesthetics & Physical Appearance
  • Availability and Pricing

First, let us talk about the first perspective.

Is Curved Monitor Good for Office work
Is Curved Monitor Good for Office work

Tech & Resolution

Curve monitors focus on improving the FoV or Field of View. As the edges are more towards the viewer, the viewing experience elevates to another level. I have been using a curved monitor for quite a while now. In the beginning, things were a bit weird. Nevertheless, as I sat on the viewing point, things changed.

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Moreover, I must say, the change is surreal. Every details and presentation are more vivid and theatre-like. However, we are not watching movies today. We will be judging the tech for office purposes. First of all, the widened screen and curvature will allow you to see more.

Now, as we come down to the resolution, typically, good curve monitors come in FHD. It is tough to find good 4K screens in the market. However, they do exists. Nonetheless, these monitors are not about the resolution; it is more about the curve.

A 1800R curvature is an ideal curved monitor in today’s market. The sweet 1.8-meter viewing angle allows the user to have a great viewing experience. There are 1000R curvature models, which I do not prefer personally.

Aesthetics and Physical Appearances

Easily this piece of tech does look cool on your work desk! However, they do have some limitations. As we speak, some models are very wide, up to 32 inches. Usually, office desks and cubicles do not have that much space in this part of the world.

If you are lucky or have a spacious workspace, then welcome to the fan club! If not, then you will find yourself in tough conditions fitting that on your desk. Some might want that to be mounted. Nevertheless, that is not aesthetically appealing. Also, the curvature does not allow a portrait-viewing angle!  

Bottom-line is, you need good space and a great position to sit in front of the screen for maximum productivity.

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Availability and Pricing

The curved screen was a myth, a gimmick in the tech world even a couple of years before. People used to see those as a commercial stunt or a publicity prank. However, things changed when the myth got real. Now, it has been on the top of the bucket list for many.

Does it worth the hype? We do not know. Is it worth it? We do not know either. Flat widescreen monitors have ruled the kingdom for over a decade now. Can the curved ones dethrone the king from the throne? I do not see anything suspicious on that!

If you are looking for good quality curved monitors, then you should have a good budget. These techs are not a cheap man! The cheapest ones are still 200 to 250 bucks! Therefore, unless you are certain about getting one for the desk, you might shift your thoughts.

These are available everywhere in the US and the rest of the world. The prices do differ here and there, so check local dealers and shops to have a quote. Judging by the viewing expertise, these are worth the money.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Curved Monitor in Office Desk

  • Increases the level of immersion.
  • It is very comfortable to watch.
  • Reduces distortion.
  • Enhances productivity.
  • Usually very expensive.
  • Requires a good amount of space.
  • Mounting it on the wall is not logical.
  • often the viewing angle is very restricted

Final Words

Long story short, making a direct statement on whether curved monitors are good for office work or not is a tough ask. There are certain jobs like AutoCAD, Designing, Video, and Sound Engineering, Spreadsheet, and others that do require an extended amount of viewing angle.

Moreover, curved monitors do fulfill the requirements. However, it is on you to decide on whether you need this or not. Make a list of features and relate those according to your area of expertise. Then decide on the investigation.

Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this post. I am looking forward to writing more for you guys on exciting stuff like these. Stay safe for now; your family loves you!

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