5 Best 240hz monitor for CSGO Competitive Player Choice

It’s easy for you to lose yourself trying to figure out the best 240hz monitor for CSGO. Well, it’s natural since several contenders are striving to hit the bullseye with all the magnificent features, so it’s no surprise that you may easily get puzzled. 

Before you drown in the ocean of doubt, let me show you the way to get the best of the best. After hours of research on 240hz gaming monitors, I have narrowed the margin and gathered five bona fide belters for you.

Guess what? Here, I will review each monitor based on some crucial accentuates that will help you make a quick decision. Let’s get this show on the road.

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Top 5 best 240hz gaming monitor for CSGO in 2023

Best 240hz monitor for CSGO
Best 240hz monitor for CSGO

Viewsonic Elite Xg270 27″ Esports Gaming Monitor

Best 240hz monitor for CSGO

Viewsonic Elite Xg270 Key features

  • Pure XP blur reduction 
  • 3-sided borderless frame for a multi-display setup
  • Modern design enhancements

Let me start things off by introducing an all-around solid monitor. The XG270 from Viewsonic is engineered for competitive gaming and will change your entire gaming experience. It is a hyper-responsive 1080p 240hz monitor that comes with a 1ms GTG response time and fantastic color reproduction.

I loved its PureXP blur reduction. It uses backlight strobing that minimizes your eye strain and displays fast-moving objects with enhanced clarity; after all, it is backed by Ultra Low Motion Blur technology. Even Blur Busters gave it a thumbs up, so you can rest assured it’s excellent in this department.

Gamers not only want to play like a pro, but they also want their gear to look like one as well. And I must say, the design enhancements of this monitor are elite! 

The package of a brushed metal base, RGB lighting, built-in mouse bungee, headphone hook, and sight shields makes you feel like an owner of a pro gaming setup.

When you pair that 1 ms response time with Nvidia G-sync, you get smooth pixel transitions, making you crave playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for hours. Viewsonic probably expected this, which is why they added an adjustable ergonomic stand for your marathon gaming runs.

Just good looks weren’t Viewsonic’s goal at all; the stylish three-sided borderless IPS display ensures you get more screen space for an immersive experience. And you’ll like the superior color fidelity thanks to the 99% sRGB and HDR10.

It has something for everyone, whether you’re an Esports enthusiast, content creator, or a hardcore gamer.

  • 99% sRGB provides a superior color gamut
  • Enhanced clarity with HDR10
  • Stylish design
  • Has Nvidia G-sync and ULMB technology
  • Backlight bleeding

AOC C27G2Z 27″ Curved Ultra-Fast Gaming Monitor

Best 240hz monitor for CSGO

AOC C27G2Z Key features

  • 0.5 ms response time
  • 1500R curved panel
  • LowBlue mode technology

Next up, we have an excellent 27″ 240hz monitor from AOC famous for its ultra-fast gameplay while maintaining a sound, visual output. When you play CS: GO in front of its 1500R curved panel, you’ll get sucked into the game’s atmosphere, and you’ll find yourself at the center of all the action.

I think it is the best kind of game experience.

I might be a casual CS: GO player, but I know how important it is to line up accurate shots while maintaining a high tempo. You’ll need that to win every single duel and can’t afford to have any stuttering or ghosting. Luckily, the 0.5 ms response time will never let you experience such a thing.

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This 240hz monitor renders every frame smoothly. And with AMD’s Freesync Premium, your GPU will match the monitor’s refresh rate perfectly.

There are some cases where the frame rate can drop below the optimum refresh rate and induce stuttering for a second, lethal for a game like CS: GO. But the Low Framerate Compensation eliminates that risk by adjusting immediately to such situations.

This VA panel monitor uses advanced technology that lets you view comfortably as it has a 178-degree different viewing angle. So, you can enjoy your game from any angle with vibrant colors and not miss a single moment of the high-octane shooting fest.

Marathon runs are not an issue, as the LowBlue mode protects your eyes from the harmful blue light.

  • Has AMD Freesync
  • 178-degree viewing angle
  • LowBlue mode
  • Dead pixel issues

Samsung G7 Odyssey 27″ Curved Monitor

Best 240hz monitor for CSGO

Samsung G7 Key features

  • QLED technology
  • Infinity core lighting
  • 125% more color space compared to sRGB

I’m bringing you yet another curved monitor, and rest assured, it is terrific. Samsung is no stranger to the electronic appliances market, and the Odyssey G7 is one of their proudest creations.

Lose yourself in its 1000R curved panel that matches the curves of the human eye perfectly. The 1440p resolution and 240hz refresh rate make that immersion even smoother, bringing you sharp imagery and sublime details. 

After you experience this monitor’s beauty, even Full HD would seem bland as it has 1.7 times more pixel density.

In CS: GO, a second is all that matters. So, you need to be as fast as possible with your reactions. The 1 ms GTG response time is sufficient to give you a fighting chance, if not an advantage. 

I’m pretty familiar with the frustration when you miss a picture-perfect shot thanks to shutter or input lag. Trust me; I even wanted to pull my hair sometimes. 

But, you don’t have to fear it because G-sync and Freesync Premium Pro will cover every single frame, so you’re never on the short end of the straw.

And Samsung’s infinity core lighting is a stellar addition to any gaming setup, bringing you mind-blowing visual designs. 

Expect a visual extravaganza from Samsung’s QLED technology that provides high-quality footage. Paired with Dot technology, this QLED produces 125% more color space than the standard sRGB. So, it is safe to say you’ll get top-tier color reproduction.

Finally, the HDR600 gives the monitor an unbelievable depth when it comes to details. 

  • 1.7 times more pixel density than Full HD
  • 1440p resolution
  • Has G-sync and Freesync premium
  • Incredible details with HDR600
  • Dead pixel issues

AOPEN Zbmiipx 27″ Curved Full HD

Best 240hz monitor for CSGO

AOPEN Key features

  • Zero-frame design
  • Flickerless and blue-light protected
  • -5 to 25 degrees of tilt options

Here is my 3rd curved monitor on the list. The AOPEN 27-inch LED monitor has whacked its competitors by combining seamless technology with a splendid appearance. This first-rate gaming monitor provides high-definition picture quality and zero frame design to present you with a flawless gaming experience.

The monitor’s curved shape plays a vital role in enhancing your room’s aesthetic, while a 240hz refresh rate and 1ms turbo visual response rate ensure breathtaking performance with no input lag. So, forget about image dragging and ghosting while spotting the enemies at any instant moment.          

To synchronize your natural ability with the monitor, it offers highly efficient adaptive-sync technology. As a result, this monitor will match your device’s graphics card’s refresh rate to provide a seamless display.  

On top of that, the 16:9 curved display of this outstanding AOPEN monitor will naturally adapt to your field of view. Therefore, you can feel a significant improvement in immersion and focus. You won’t face any issue securing it to your Vesa mount, and it takes only a few seconds to assemble.

Finally, with the flicker-less and blue-light shield technology with -5 to 25 degrees of tilting options, your eyes will be protected no matter how many hours you play games.

  • HD picture quality
  • Adaptive-sync technology
  • Eye-protection technology
  • Slightly low pixels per inch (PPI)

BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 27” Gaming Monitor

Best 240hz monitor for CSGO

BenQ ZOWIE XL2740 Key features

  • S-switch for quick setting change
  • Removable shield for undivided focus
  • Black equalizer and color vibrance for better gameplay

Introducing the last monitor of today’s list and it’s a professional gaming monitor of BenQ, which is sold under the name of the famous Zowie brand. This world-class monitor has a reasonable price tag. The great thing about this BenQ guy is that pro gamers and leagues of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive worldwide.

Its magnificent features justify its popularity, and you will also appreciate its superiority once you know about its details. This powerful monitor comes with a 240hz refresh rate to ensure fluid gameplay in competitive battle games. Trust me; you are going to fall in love with its flawless control and picture quality.

To make the picture quality further overwhelming, ZOWIE introduces color vibrance and a black equalizer to locate opponents hiding in shadowy areas of the maps. The big screen size and high resolution enable you to spot far enemies without zooming in.

In addition to that, the S-switch allows you to change the monitor settings to a saved preset on the fly. This exceptional monitor also played a significant role in enhancing the viewing experience by adding some effective add-ons like a removable shield and personalized viewing angles.

The height-adjustable stand and customized game mode settings also propelled the monitor to have a more immersive gaming experience.

  • Spectacular Picture quality
  • VESA compatible mount
  • Amazing build quality and performance
  • It weighs higher than the average monitor.
Best 240hz monitor for CSGO

Frequently Asked Questions

Since we’ve come this far, I’ll also mention a few common questions Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have when they’re looking for a monitor. Take a quick peek below:

Does 240Hz make a difference in CSGO?

Yes, you’ll see some better visuals compared to 60 and 144 Hz. However, it’s not going to make you a pro magically. You have to put your skills to the test for that.

Should I upgrade 144hz to 240hz?

You could straight aim for the 240 Hz monitor if your budget allows. The frames are smoother, you get a better response, and there’s a minor screen tear. You can read our comparison between them.

Can my PC handle 240Hz?

Your pc can handle 240 Hz if it has HDMI or Display ports. Even if you got integrated graphics, don’t worry.

Does 240Hz improve aim?

Since 240 Hz monitors will have lower input lags than a 144 or 60hz monitor, we can say it’ll marginally improve a person’s shooting aim. But don’t hold your breath on it; practice is the only proper way of getting better.

Does 240Hz matter for gaming?

240hz is the latest grade when it comes to monitors. It’ll take a while but indeed become the norm over time. So why not jump ships sooner? Make sure your PC can handle it before getting one.

Final VerdictCounter-Strike: Global Offensive is a great FPS game adorned with splendid graphics. Here, I have left no stone unturned to help you find the best 240hz monitor for csgo. Now, it’s your turn to shoot your shot and choose the most suitable one for you.

If you ask me to declare a winner for CSGO, I will go for the BenQ ZOWIE XL2740. From price tag to features, I love everything about that monitor. And hopefully, you will too!