Are curved monitors better for your eyes in 2023?

Last month I got a pair of spectacles. Now, all of my family members have one. I am not proud of it, nor can I deny wearing them. Screens and their harmful rays are the prime culprits.

Are curved monitors better for your eyes

However, are curved monitors better for your eyes? In a word, yes. They’re better in the sense that they put less strain on your eyes and ease off the struggle that regular flat screens cause them to view things properly. Curved monitors are better for your eyes because they’re easier on them.

For an in-depth analysis, we will have to look into the technology. Curved monitors are comparatively new in the market. Still, they have gained rapid popularity. People are using these screens for their offices and personal purposes. Some are admitting the benefits, which we will analyze right now.

Are curved monitors better for your eyes? Really!!!

curved monitor vs flat monitor
curved monitor vs flat monitor

Straight up, curved monitors have curved screens. There are certain aspects to look at in curved monitors. First, we have the monitor curvature. By definition, monitor curvature means how deep your screen bends. There are different measurements. They are as follows:

  • 1800R
  • 2300R
  • 3000R
  • 4000R

As you can see, there are two parts; one is the numeric letters, i.e., 1800, and the other is ‘R.’ R stands for Radius. Moreover, 1800 is in millimeters. So, to sum that up, a monitor with 1800R curvature means that the curve has a radius of 1800 mm or 1.8 meters.

Still, why do we need to know these? I will get to that right away. First, examine the structure of our eyes. The surface of your eye is also spherical. While designing curved monitors, scientists and engineers took a deep interest in forming the human eye.

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Eyesight and FOV

You see, flat screens are good, but those are not perfectly alight with our FOV. The image below will explain easily. As our vision is peripheral, many rays distort while traveling from a flatter screen. Such distortion creates blurry images on the edges.

Eyesight and FOV
Eyesight and FOV

However, curved monitors mimic the visual range of the human eye. Therefore, as we sit within the Radius, we will see all the content in a clearer orientation. Field of Vision or FOV is crucial when you are watching something.

Why Choose Curved Monitors for Better VISION?

When we got into this discussion, our prime concern was to get a better viewing experience with lesser health risks. Curved monitors can provide you with that, solely for a single reason. And that is, it has a center point. As we have discussed earlier, the curvature and the Radius work like a posture guide.

4000R means a curve that has a 4-meter radius. It also determines the sitting position. To get the full experience, a person can sit up to 4 meters away from the center screen. It will then perfectly mimic the curvature of our FOV.

For this very reason, screens with the same resolution still manage to be way better at curved than in flat orientation. Studies also back it up. A study revealed that our eye strain is reduced by almost up to 66% in curved monitors in a recent journal.

Usage of this new technology can be very fruitful in the end. During the pandemic, everything shifted online. Offices, schools, colleges, social gatherings, entertainment… you name it, we do it all online. For this very reason, I have a pair of spectacles now.

Gimmick or Truth?

Some of you might see this as a gimmick. I do not want to start an endless war of arguments. I know that screens are not good for your eyes. Moreover, I support that statement. However, you really cannot deny their importance in our lives. I will state three important points to examine the benefit of Curved monitors.

  • Less Distortion

I have already described this in detail. In short, as the curvature aligns the content within our sight, it eliminates the distortion.

  • Better FOV

If we sit within the Radius, our FOV will improve, resulting in better picture quality with fewer strains and eye fatigue.

  • Good Physical Aesthetics

You cannot deny the fact that these monitors look way cooler than the flat ones. They increase the aesthetics of your setup big time.

Better vision and less no distortion are the prime reasons to choose curved monitors. So, we can all agree on the fact that these are better for your eyes.

Disadvantages of Curved Monitors

Until now, the only thing that sets the mood off is the prices. Curved monitors are indeed very expensive. In addition, most of them are very large. You might have a hard time fitting one on your office desk. Other than these, we are good to go.

How to Take Care of Your Eyes?

You have to look after your health. The world is running at lightning speed. However, if you are not fit physically, you will not be able to cope with it. Eyesight is perhaps the most important gift for all living creatures. We need to protect ours.

Take 20 seconds of a break after every 20 minutes of screen time, and gaze into objects that are 20 feet away. This is the 20-20-20 rule.

We have a common habit of looking directly into the screen right after waking up. Take an hour to ease off the nerves, and let your eyes relax a bit.

Choose monitors with anti-glare screens. They will eliminate the glares. Unwanted reflections do cause discomfort in eyesight. So, choose monitors very wisely. Dim the brightness according to your room ambiance. Also, do not work under harsh lights.

We often miss appointments or do not consult our doctors. This is a very bad practice. To keep healthy eyesight, you need to have a regular checkup cycle. Use UV protective glasses to eliminate damage from harmful Ultra Violet rays.

Use larger fonts and text sizes; it is generally helpful to ease off the excess pressure. Studies have proved that preventing your eyes from squinting generally helps to reduce tiredness and stiffness. Follow a healthy and efficient lifestyle.

Closing Words

We can all conclude that choosing curved monitors will not improve our eyesight. It is better than flat ones, I admit. However, we need to look after ourselves. Follow the right ways to save our eyes. Maintain a healthy workload and, above all, limit using screens. So, do curved monitors have healing powers to fix your eyesight? No. But are curved monitors better for your eyes? Definitely. Researchers say that almost 4 billion people in the world need glasses for better vision.

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