Best 240hz Gaming Monitor Reviews 2023

If you want to be the best Gamer and increase the winning chances, you should start your gaming by choosing a Best 240hz gaming monitor. All the Gamer know the importance of awesome gaming monitors that will lead them to win the game.

Monitors with 240hz are known as the best hertz gaming monitors. So, gamers should choose the Best 240hz monitor.

The right gaming monitor gives you stunning gaming performance. All the gamers want the fastest response and fastest refresh rate monitors, which will help them better gaming experience. Also, it will help them win and score high in the games.

The most incredible difficulty is choosing the Best 240hz Gaming Monitor. Some Significant changes were noticed in the comparison between the 240Hz vs. 144Hz monitors. Monitors with 240hz gaming monitors are so far better than the 144hz gaming monitors.

If you are looking for the top 240Hz monitor but are confused about getting your best monitor, you are at the right place. Here we will discuss some Best quality 240Hz Monitors that will increase your experience and win chances.

After reading the whole article, you will choose a perfect 240Hz Monitor for you. A list of the top 240Hz Monitors is mentioned below, go and have a look at it.

Best 240hz gaming Monitor
Best 240hz gaming Monitor

Top 8 Best 240hz ultrawide gaming monitors Reviews 2022

BenQ Zowie XL2746S 

BenQ Zowie XL2746S

BenQ is a famous brand for creating excellent monitors, creativity, and games. Benq Zowie XL2746S esports screen looks more like the brand’s previous screens. The screen of this device does not come with an IPS panel or a high-contrast VA panel. 

Besides, gamers will come across a classic TN board that will give a high refresh rate with a 0.5ms response time (overload). Again, the BenQ zowie xl2746s 240hz has a native 1080p resolution. It might not sound like a big deal! You can also consider it as the best gaming monitor because it comes under the Amazon Choice categories.

Conversely, when composed with a 240Hz refresh rate, users can get pixels comparable with a 4K gaming screen at 60Hz. Moreover, Benq Zowie XL2746S provides a relatively wide range of screen inputs, including dual-port DVI, HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4. Indeed, it also comes with DisplayPort 1.2, which makes it compatible with most modern cards. 

Furthermore, the XL2746S gaming screen also features BenQ’s patented anti-blur technology with DyAc +. Again, a brand-new feature will make you love this Monitor, which is Black eQualizer. 

It features that improve visibility in the dark without overexposure. Additionally, it comes with twenty levels of settings to enhanced playing all sorts of games.

Indeed, the screen is well made with a solid base to allow for height, swivel, and tilt adjustments. Furthermore, it includes a dedicated circular knob for changing profile. 

The colour vibrancies function adjusts colour tones to brighten scenes. In final words, the 27-inch screen size was a massive boon for the entire previous review.

  • Comes with Excellent S-switch 
  • High adjustable stand
  • 20 levels of settings
  • Only 0.5s Response time
  • Frustrating Viewing angle
  • Some negative report about colour reproduction

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Alienware 25 AW2521HF

Alienware 25 AW2521HF

Dell Alienware AW2521HF is an excellent 1080p 240Hz IPS gaming monitor with a fast 1ms response time. Again it is AMD FreeSync certified (G-SYNC adaptable). It settles on an IPS panel, and the Dell AW2521HF display offers perfect, consistent, and vibrant colors. 

Indeed it covers the standard and most common sRGB color capacity with a 99% sRGB range. Moreover, the Alienware AW2521HF has an extremely low input lag of just ~ 2ms! Of course, you may not feel or detect any delay betwixt your activities and the result on display. It gives you a powerful gaming experience.

This is my top pick product in the 5 best 240hz monitors under 300. If you have budget tried then you can check my this 5 monitor.

Consider two HDMI connections and a DisplayPort for photography. Indeed it is compatible with three USB 3.0 ports, and a quarter that can charge power, and a USB upstream port to make it all work.

The OSD offers many useful features such as pre-calibrated and adjustable picture functions. Moreover, this Monitor has a timer, refresh rate monitoring. Even it has a dark stabilizer for better visibility in dark-light gaming.

Again, there is a control at the back of the screen for easy menu navigation and four additional keyboard shortcuts that you can set yourself. Finally, the display has a matte anti-reflective coating with a low fog of 25%. Indeed it destructs reflections without making the image too grainy. 

  • Four USB 3.0 ports with convenient cable management
  • Excellent response times and high refresh rates.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Elegant matte black design
  • No HDR support.
  • Only suitable for competitive games



We include the BenQ XL2740 monitor in our best 240hz monitor list. This XL2740 27 inch display is the ideal 240hz gaming monitor for competitive eSports players.

A Twisted Nematic screen with a quick reaction time of 1ms is included in this monitor. This feature is ideal for fast-moving action scenes like FPS and racing games. That is the reason BenQ added it on this monitor.

If you’re searching for a cheap 240hz gaming monitor, then this is suitable for you. Buy this without a second thought. Due to the high refresh rate, you will get less blurring and a more realistic gaming experience.

XL series display fitted for many RTS, FPS, RPG setups. Another great feature of the monitor is minimizing the visual distraction.

BenQ includes a system on the XL series that reduces screen reflection. For this reason, you can concentrate on the action. You can only focus on your Shield play.

Adjustable angle and compact configuration allow the shield to be adjusted according to player tastes in various settings.

  • 240 Hz, 1ms response time
  • S-Switch Arc 
  • Manoeuvrable stand
  • Plenty gaming features
  • Fully ergonomic
  • Poor viewing angle
  • Hefty price tag
  • Poor color reproduction 

ViewSonic ELITE XG270

ViewSonic ELITE XG270

ViewSonic ELITE XG270 is another 240hz magnificent gaming monitor for eSports fans to enjoy incredible pace and visibility.

The ultra-rapid reaction time of 1ms (GTG) and 240hz cooling refresh rate enables seamless screen changes and offers accurate color replication and large view angles. It gives you the best gaming experience.

For outstanding pictures, ELITE XG270 screen has a complete HD 1920×1080 resolution with a color saturation of 99 percent sRGB. ViewSonic uses an IPS panel in this monitor.

The G-SYNC compliant hardware ensures smooth gaming by rising device glitches and tearing. For the 240hz rapid refresh rate, this monitor display provides more excellent visual smoothness.

For the smoothest realistic graphics, you can Switch the game without distracting the tracers and light blurt. It also offers transparent luminosity.

Learn more about which 240hz monitor is better for CSGO. If you are a Counter-Strike player then you should definitely like my list.

ViewSonic ELITE XG270 gaming monitor offers a 1ms response time, which pleased you that the computer responds rapidly with every fast action sequence. You can saw your simple photos without clipping, blurring.

Dynamic RGB lighting offers an enchanting background in every game. It syncs with other RGB peripherals lighting. Without using any external tools, you can link to the current RGB Ecosystem.

  • Flicker-free backlight.
  • Subtle use of RGB.
  • Low motion blur and input lag.
  • Great viewing angles.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Bad-black uniformity.
  • Mediocre contrast ratio

Alienware New AW2720HF

Alienware New AW2720HF

Dell Alienware AW2720HF is also listed down in our Top 240hz gaming monitor. It’s a decent monitor with a quick, sleek interface and an outstanding output.

It has an IPS display panel for smooth gaming and native support for FreeSync to minimize screen tearing. Sadly, its contrast ratio and bad black uniformity are not suitable for dark spaces.

Overall, it’s an excellent gaming monitor for gamers who concentrate the action on a bright, high-resolution screen. A refresh rate of 240hz is four times quicker than regular 60hz monitors.

This Alienware AW2720HF comes under 400$. If you don’t have much budget then you can go with this.

Fewer frames indicate fewer visual details. The distance between pictures is 8.3 milliseconds at 120hz; on the other hand, 4.16 milliseconds in 240hz gaming monitor.

Free AMD Radeon technology synchronizes with the GPU and shows complete frames. The actual 1ms reaction time blurs the flow. The pixels will rapidly alter and respond to the new picture signal.

  • Fast 240Hz
  • Versatile stand
  • Wide viewing angles
  • IPS viewing-angles
  • Free Sync support
  • Heavyweight
  • No HDR

Alienware 25 AW2518Hf

Alienware 25 AW2518Hf

While the Alienware AW2518HF gaming screen does not have an IPS screen, it will surely surprise you. Of course, it will impress you with its brightness, accompanied by an even 400-nits uniform luminance. 

Indeed, Alienware is famous for its futuristic design and has proven itself again with the AW2518HF gaming screen design. You can consider it as best performance gaming monitor.

The screen’s base weighs about 3 kg, and the design is excellently flexible to support the screen. Again, the user can adjust the height of the screen up to 13 cm.

Indeed, The Dell AW2518HF Gaming Screen is one of the fastest gaming screens with an incredible 240Hz refresh rate. This refresh rate provides a great gaming experience. But you have to make sure your gaming PC matches the performance of this screen. 

Moreover, the connectivity options for this Monitor include two HDMI 2.0 ports, power input, and DisplayPort 1.2. Additionally, it has two USB 3.0 ports and one audio output.

If you buy a monitor, the company will also provide you with a power cord, USB cable, and HDMI cable. Indeed, at the bottom of this game screen, you will find 6 OSD buttons that you can use as hotkeys.

Furthermore, Players can also use Game Enhancer to get the best gaming experience with this screen. Another significant advantage of the Dell AW2518HF Gaming Screen is that it comes with a FreeSync option. Additionally, it will be compatible with any graphics card.

  • Fast response times and low entry delays.
  • The text’s legibility on the screen is good, and it can use for any complex word problems.
  • The design of the screen is futuristic and very impressive.
  • Fully ergonomic design and flexible connectivity
  • The viewing angle has a limit of 160 degrees.
  • Low image quality than IPS and VA panels



Experience more fast gameplay using the Asus Tuf gaming monitor. Asus VG279QM has a 27 inch 16:9 280 hz Adaptive-Sync gaming monitor, overclockable, fastest response time(1ms), which provides the smoothest gaming experience.

This Full HD IPS gaming monitor has precise measurements and 178° viewing angles. HDR 400 ensures a maximum brightness value of 400 cd/m2(certification from VESA). A comprehensive color range is provided to reproduce the content in HDR.

HDMI and DisplayPort help users to change the port stand according to their wishes. Asus provides several exclusive top-end capabilities in this Tuf gaming vg279q monitor.

  • 280Hz refresh rate
  • high response time.
  • Accurate Image angle.
  • Outstanding ergonomics.
  • No USB hub.
  • High input lag at 60Hz

Acer Nitro VG272

Acer Nitro VG272

We include Acer Nitro VG272 Xbmiipx 27 ″ adaptable Gaming Monitor to our list of the best 240hz gaming monitors. Indeed, it is a powerful screen that can improve your viewing experience during video games. 

Again, the Acer nitro vg272 240hz IPS gaming monitor offers you excellent refresh rates with response times. In addition to a zero frame design that will indeed extend the screen size. 

It has a Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS screen. Again the G-SYNC and AMD Radeon FreeSync compatibility showcase the brand new awesome gaming monitor and films with stellar images. Of course, that will grip your heart and mind.

Moreover, the 27-inch screen has 178 degrees of horizontal and vertical viewing. It uses a type of IPS display that offers vibrant colours and right viewing angles. Again it also comes with an HDR 400 screen that brings out vibrant and perfect colors.

Furthermore, there is a monitor port, HDMI 1.2 and 2.0 ports. Of course, these Pre-installed speakers turn it simple to install the Monitor in different locations. 

  • Excellent Refresh rates
  • Response times up to 0.1 milliseconds 
  • Descent viewing Angle
  • Equipped with AMD Radeon Freesync for smoother graphics
  • IPS screen may cause more motion blur
  • Some controversy about software issue

MSI 24.5″ FHD 

MSI 24.5" FHD

These MSI e-sports Gaming Monitor especially comes out for professionally skillful e-sports tournaments. Indeed its excellent IPS panel will enhance your display brightness and colors for a better user experience.

Again, it has a refresh rate of 240hz, which ensures you smooth playing your favorite games. Moreover, It has only a 1ms response time which insists on me to include it in our fastest gaming monitor list. Indeed, it will destruct screen tearing and unstable frame rates.

Notably, it includes the GD OSD App, which creates the perfect display settings for your games. Similarly, it comes with VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400. And it will help you to stunning images with adjustable contrast and shadow.

Again the excellent Night vision mode! This model has a sharp black receiver illuminating your playing time by revealing the beautiful explanation in dark zones. Additionally, The Type-C USB will let you easily link up to any gadget.

Indeed it has NVIDIA G-SYNC adaptable mechanization. It will save your screen from any stuttering or tearing for super-smooth and a lag-free playback. Moreover, the Bezel-less design will let you enjoy incredible gameplay with too narrow bezels.

It also comes with your favorite Game Mode! Pick out the suitable model according to your playstyle to experience the best visuals. Additionally, it is less blue light and Flicker-free to play longer and avoid fatigue and eye strain.

  • A significant Upgraded Display
  • Excellent Adaptive-Sync
  • Great screen colour 
  • Value for money
  • Some adverse reports on the LED and Standby mode

Things to consider before buying a 240Hz Monitor

Selecting a 240hz gaming monitor from too many choices available in the market is difficult for everyone. So many questions arise in the mind of the buyer. 

  • Is it suitable for gameplays or not?
  • Is it affordable according to my budget?
  • Is it reliable or not?
  • Will, it provides all the features that I wanted?

These all the questions will get an answer after you read these buying guides points. This guide will help you reduce your confusion. Before moving forward, look at the benefits of the 240hz monitor.

Best 240hz Gaming Monitor

Benefits of 240Hz monitor

240hz monitor can ensure a smooth and immersive gameplay experience. For this reason, you should consider a high hertz gaming monitor.

  • It reduces the motion blur.
  • It removes the screen tearing and shuttering.
  • It gives you a more defined and precise image.
  • It helps you to reduces the lag and gives you fantastic performance.
  • Increase the response time.

Some factors should be kept in mind while purchasing a monitor. Below some factors are mentioned. Please go and read them carefully. It will be beneficial for you.

  • Refresh Rate

We will tell you the first factor that you should keep in mind while purchasing any monitor. The first and most important factor is the Refresh rate of the monitors.

There are so many options when you enter the market, and at this stage, people get confused. They do not think properly and choose the wrong one. In the market, there are 60hz, 144hz, and 240hz monitors available.

If you are a gamer and want to play a smoother game, you should select the monitor with the highest refresh rate.

In the market, there is a competition between the 240hz vs. 144hz monitors. The best one is who has the highest refresh rate. And in this competition, 240hz monitors are a winner because of the high refresh rate.

  • Resolution

The buyers are mostly confused about the choice between 1080p, 1440p, and 4k resolution monitor. The resolution of the monitor means the size of the pixels. You can read our comparison between the 1440p vs. 1080p.

A Higher-resolution monitor gives you the best image quality. Before buying keep in mind this factor.

1080p resolution is the best one of its all competitors, but this could be varied accordingly. The gamer should go with the 1440p and 4k resolution for a 240hz gaming monitor. 

The 4k resolution is better than the 1440p unless you have a powerful PC. So we recommend 1440p with a 240hz monitor.

  • Panel Type

There are three-panel types available in the market, which are VA, IPS, and TN. Most people are getting confused. So we are creating a detailed comparison between VA vs. IPS vs. TN.

This factor is related to your budget and display quality. People should decide based on these two points while talking about the panel type. 

People who do not have budget issues then they should go with the TN panels. People looking for the best visuals then should purchase IPS panel monitors, and the VA panel working is in between these two panels.

In other words, the people who are entry-level gamers recommend the VA panel for them as it provides excellent performance and color accuracy. 

For the professional video makers, editors, and photo editors, we will recommend the IPS Panel. And for the serious gamers, we advise them goes with the TN panel for the fastest and smooth gameplay.

  • FreeSync vs G Sync

Most people are annoyed by the screen tearing problem while playing games. This biggest problem can resolve a few monitors. 

G Sync and FreeSync are the technologies through which the developers can resolve the biggest screen tearing problem.

Both of them help solve this problem, but people need to choose only one. It would help if you took care of this important factor while buying a gaming monitor. 

The best technology is G Sync, which will give you an incredible gaming experience without tearing. But the people who are also worried about their budget then they should prefer FreeSync technology monitors.

  • Screen Size

This factor is related to your distance from the monitor. It depends on how much space is between you and the monitor have while playing games.

An average amount of gamers sit 2-3ft from the monitors. We highly recommend 24 Inch monitors with 1080p resolution and 27 Inch with 1440p resolution.

Mostly the people are looking for big-screen monitors, but if you are not sitting at a particular distance from the monitor, it will damage your eyes and brain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best 240hz monitor?

Answer: Below 7 monitor is the best 240hz gaming monitor in 2021

  • BenQ ZOWIE XL2740
  • Alienware AW2518Hf
  • ViewSonic ELITE XG270
  • Acer XF250Q
  • ASUS ROG Strix XG258Q
  • Alienware New AW2720HF
  • Alienware 25 AW2521HF

Are 240hz monitors good?

Answer: yes, the 240hz monitor is good. Alienware 25 gaming monitor is a suitable choice for ultra-smooth 240hz refresh rate gameplay. It has a 24.5-inch display with a 1080p resolution, giving you a decent level of clarity to go alongside the smooth motion.

Do you need a 240hz monitor to run 240 fps?

Answer: yes. You need 240fps to run a 240hz monitor, but if you can achieve 60fps, that will help you in your gameplays.

What is the best 1440p 240hz monitor?

Answer: As per our testing, HP Omen X & SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 is the best 1440p 240hz monitor. Both the monitor provides plenty of screen space for an immersive gaming experience.

Is 240hz worth it over 144hz?

Answer: Higher refresh rate gives you a better gaming experience. If you manage to get 144 FPS, then there is no need to purchase a 240hz gaming monitor. But if you need a smooth gaming experience and then you should buy a 240hz monitor. keep in mind that the jump from 144hz to 240hz is not nearly as noticeable as going from 60Hz to 144hz

Can HDMI run 240hz?

Answer: Yes, it does. Any HDMI cable will support a 240hz refresh rate.

Is 4k 240hz possible?

Answer: That’s currently impossible. Currently, only 1080p and 1440p monitors are available with 240hz.

Do 4k 240hz monitors exist?

Answer: Not released so far. ASUS build a 240Hz gaming monitor, but it’s only 1080p. Acer Predator has a 4K monitor, but it has a 144hz refresh rate.

Can the human eye see 240hz?

Answer: No, the human eye can not see the 240hz refresh rate changes because the human eye can see changes in the 60 to the 75-hertz range.

Can you run a 240hz monitor at 144hz?

Answer: Yes, you can run, but the reflection might be slightly less responsive or show a little more overshoot. If you’re going to use Vsync, then switch to 240hz to 144hz.

Can the human eye see 144hz?

Answer: No, the human eye can not see the 144hz refresh rate changes because the human eye can see changes in the 60 to the 75-hertz range.

Can you tell the difference between 120hz and 240hz?

Answer:  Going from 144hz to 240hz is not noticeable as compared to 60Hz to 144hz. If you are a regular user, you will not notice its faster and smoother changes, but gamers will see sharper visuals during ultra-fast action. When they are moving the mouse, they can feel softer compared to the typical 60Hz display.

Is 1440p worth it over 1080p?

Answer: It depends on you. 1440P won’t be worth it for every gamer. For competitive gamers who don’t have the budget issues, they are likely to go with a 1080P 144Hz monitor. 

Is it worth to buy a 240Hz monitor?

Answer: If you are a gamer and want a fantastic gaming experience, it is worth purchasing a 240hz monitor. There is a wide variety of monitors with 60Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz. You can buy them according to your priority, but as we mentioned above, if you are a gamer and want smooth gameplay, you should look for the 240hz monitor. It will be worth it.

Which panel is good for budget VA vs IPS vs TN?

Answer: For budgeting issues, people are confused while buying the cheapest 240hz monitor. The cost and quality of your display are related to this factor. Those people who have no budget problems should go to the TN panels. Those looking for the best viewers should buy IPS panel monitors, and VA panels work between them.

What is the best FreeSync vs G Sync?

Answer: G Sync and FreeSync technology enable developers to solve the biggest screen tearing problem. G Sync, which gives you an outstanding spending experience. People who are concerned about their budget should consider FreeSync technology.

Which Refresh Rate Should I Choose 240hz vs 144hz?

Answer: If you are an fps professional gamer, then you should go with the monitors of 240hz. You will find some changes to your game that are deserving of an upgrade. But if you are a casual gamer other than you should choose the 144Hz monitor.

Does a high refresh rate cause motion sickness?

Answer: No. Maybe you heard about some of these types of cases, but I firmly believe that the rate of refreshment is not linked to motion sickness. So there is no problem with the high refresh rate. It will not create any issues for you while playing the game or something else.

Final Verdict about Best 240hz Monitor

It all comes from my experience after using some of those exciting gaming monitors. Now you may want to know what the best 240hz monitor is? I cannot force you in that case or don’t want to push on my opinions.

But currently, I am using BenQ ZOWIE XL2740. I am in love with its marvelous refreshing rate with a response time of 0.1 milliseconds. Also, the game running feature is beyond description.

Anyway, you cannot put the other away from your mind, as they also do an excellent job. My friend Andy plays “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” with his Alienware 25 AW2521HF, and he has an excellent experience with it.

So, don’t waste your time. Buy the best 240hz gaming monitor for you before it’s too late!

If you are like our post, then make comments below too, and we are delighted if you share it with your social media and gaming partner who also want to buy a 240hz Monitor. Cheers!!!