5 Best 1440p 240hz Monitor Reviews [eSports Gamers]

In this particular post, I am going to give you my tested top 5 best 1440p 240hz monitor reviews. If you use a 1080p monitor before buying a 1440p monitor, then you will notice the difference very earlier.

As we already know that high refresh rate gives some extra advantages in gameplay. That’s the reason most of the competitive players are like to buy high refresh rate gaming monitors like 240hz.

At this time, there are many resolution monitors is available in the market which is 1080p, 1440p & 4k with different types of refresh rate. We already talking about the advantages and disadvantages of high resolution in 1080p vs 1440p.

Best 1440p 240hz Monitor
Best 1440p 240hz Monitor

Nowadays 240hz gaming monitor is trending. As per my testing 1440p 240hz monitor gives you extra facilities like easier to spot, tracking the target, and mostly react them so fast.

If your minds come to question like which is best between 144hz and 240hz monitor, then you can read my 144hz vs 240hz post so that your confusion is clear.

For fast-paced gaming like first-person shooters, they should use a 1440p 240hz monitor for enjoying their games. They feel that they are not missing nothings on the other hand for eSports or competitive players they should more focus on the high refresh rate more than the resolution. 1080p 240hz monitor is ideal for them until the 1080p 360hz monitor comes.

Top 5 best 1440p 240hz monitor reviews 2023

HP Omen X

Best 1440p 240hz monitor

In our first choice for the 1440p monitor is HP Omen X. This monitor comes with a very impressive 240Hz Refresh Rate which gives the users good gaming performance.

It has a 1ms response time which gives you blur-free gameplays. This HP Omen is 4x faster than the 60Hz pc gaming monitor. Due to the fastest response time it creates anti-ghosting.

In this monitor, HP uses AMD Radeon Freesync 2 HDR. For the Freesync 2 HDR, Omen X gives you low latency, wide adaptive refresh rate ranges, and low framerate compensation. For this reason, it also gives smooth gaming with brilliant picture quality.

In 27 inch display, they used 3.7 million pixels with 2560×1440 Quad HD resolution. with HDR technology, you experience more vivid colors and deeper black & white contrasts. HP gives a 130-millimeter range of motion for comfortable display adjustment.

If my guess is right, then you are a hardcore gamer because this HP Omen X 27 inch is the perfect refresh rate monitor for them. Gamers are like to play their game and show their gameplay in late night. For the late-night gamer, HP Omen introduces eye fatigue with adjustable color ambient lighting.

Best 1440p 240hz monitor

If you have a computer with a beefy GPU and are capable of playing at resolutions higher than 1080p with ease and play games like Unreal Tournament, Quake, Counter-Strike, or non-twitch FPS games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Destiny, or any other games where reaction time is an important factor, this is a monitor for you.

By pulling up the Nvidia Control Panel and adjust the settings you will find the best picture quality and fantastic colors. You going to be very satisfied because of purchasing this monitor. Due to the TN panel, the picture quality and color depth are excellent. Learn more about panel type from IPS vs TN vs VA.

For those people who are coming from a 1080p 144hz monitor, they will enjoy the changes & it definitely has some things which will improve your gameplay. if you want the best-looking, competitive gaming experience on then we should recommend this HP Omen X.

  • Rapid response time
  • AMD Radeon Freesync 2 HDR
  • QHD resolution
  • Height adjustment stand
  • HDR color, Ambient lighting & Sharp details
  • rear-placed display buttons
  • Sometimes having frozen pixel issue

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7

Best 1440p 240hz monitor

Samsung produces different kinds of products like mobile phones, Car stereo units, and many more incredible products. Samsung is so much well known for producing the best quality mobile phones. But in this time gaming is at a pick point.

Nowadays many PC-based battle games are released by many companies like Pubg, Free fire counter-strike, etc. To play these real action battle games you need a high refresh rate monitor when you can play those games without lagging issues. For this reason, the Samsung company comes with is the Samsung Odyssey G7 monitor.

It comes with QHD 1440p 240hz refresh rate curved which is quite high than the 1080p 240hz refresh rate monitor. Its 1000R panel matches with the curvature of the human eye for maximum immersion and minimal eye strain.

If you see frames drop when you are playing due to the low refresh rate monitor use, then I will suggest you buy this Odyssey G7. Samsung uses NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync for non-droppable frames.

Best 1440p 240hz monitor

Due to using the 240hz refresh rate with a 1ms response time, you can play smooth gameplay. Fast lighting response time assures that you’re receiving information as fast as technologically possible.

Utilizing Quantum Dot technology, VA panel & WQHD resolution, Samsung QLED creates more vivid colors with 125% more color space compared to sRGB, ensuring the highest share images.

  • maximum immersion and minimal eye strain
  • sharp images with WQHD resolution
  • Deepest blacks to vivid colors
  • Input latency is low as well
  • Screen Flickering issues
  • Cable management and USB ports are hard to get

Alienware AW2721D 27″ Gaming Monitor

Best 1440p 240hz monitor

The AW2721D is a monster that will give you the ultimate gaming experience. It has a resolution of 1440p and the industry-standard refresh rate of 240hz, which probably most Esports ready monitors provide, not many of them are as good as this one.

The IPS panel will ensure you get a lighting fast frame rate as well as a tear-free display while running HDR; after all, it is backed by Nvidia G-sync ultimate technology.

Also, the 1 ms true GTG response time won’t let you down, delivering smooth gameplay throughout the session.

The 10-bit color depth will spontaneously change colors and keep your monitor’s smoothness up and running with nonstop clarity as it is paired with nano color technology.

This duo delivers a 98% DCI P3 color range. It means that you get a better color representation with enhanced accuracy that is close to real life. No wonder it landed a DisplayHDR 600 certification.

Tilt it, swivel it, and angle it however you like with the adjustable monitor stand.

Customize your lighting responses with AlienFX and give your rig a futuristic look.

Best 1440p 240hz monitor

It has everything you’d look for in the best IPS-panel 1440p 240hz monitor.

While giving us all these cool features, Alienware didn’t forget about the most precious thing- our eyes. Its comfort view will let you get away with minimal eye strain by limiting the blue light emission. That way, you can marathon your gaming sessions.

Even so, please don’t overdo yourself; the ability of sight is a blessing we should be grateful for.

  • Easy on the eyes
  • Has Nvidia G-sync ultimate
  • QHD resolution
  • Low latency
  • High clarity, brightness, and impressive contrast
  • Doesn’t accept 4k
  • No auto-input source

SAMSUNG 49″ Odyssey G9 Monitor

Best 1440p 240hz monitor

Get wholly immersed into the game with Samsung’s best ultrawide 1440p 240hz monitor. Introducing The Odyssey G9, that alone is as big as two 27″ panels. It has a super ultra-wide width that matches the natural view of the human eye.

Instead of flat panels, it comes with a curved shape so that the eyes can naturally adjust their sight, allowing minimum visual fatigues like eye-irritation, blurred vision, and headache.

It is the best multipurpose monitor as you don’t have to jump between tasks or switch applications; you can do them on the go.

You will experience the gaming world like never before, with the Dual QHD resolution that is equivalent to two QHD wide panel monitors placed side to side.

With this technology, we can use most of the space in our vision to our advantage.

Best 1440p 240hz monitor

Samsung brought their A-game here, with their QLED that uses groundbreaking Dot technology. It can generate 125% more color space compared to sRGB, producing the highest grade of color representation right now.

On top of that, HDR 1000 features unparalleled depth. The attention to detail is so mind-blowing that after experiencing this, there is no turning back; you won’t feel at ease with other monitors.

The story doesn’t end there. With odyssey’s rapid 240 Hz frame rate and 1 ms response time, you’ll receive information within a mere fraction of seconds.

If you’re playing competitive, one or two frame drops can totally ruin your game. Luckily, with G-sync and premium freesync, Odyssey G9 will match every frame.

I’ve seen many products claiming to be the best curved 1440p 240hz monitors, but this one is the best of the lot.

  • Has G-sync and Freesync premium
  • QLED with Dot technology for high-quality color
  • Super ultra-wide and curved screen
  • Dual QHD resolution
  • High-quality details with HDR 1000
  • Could have dead pixels

Porsche Design AOC Agon 27″ Gaming Monitor

Best 1440p 240hz monitor

No, I’m not tricking you into buying a car here. The famous Porsche design studio left its mark on the gaming monitor industry with this sleek and powerful 27″ 240 Hz monitor.

Its 1000R VA panel is designed to be curved instead of flat to naturally match the human vision, causing minimum eye exhaustion. This way, you’re at the center of all the action that’s happening in front of you, letting you focus only on your screen like you’re inside it.

And while you’re fully immersed with what’s happening in front of you, the 240 Hz refresh rate and super-fast 0.5 ms reaction time ensure you’ll have a swell time with minimum smearing and motion blur.

You can relax knowing that this monitor will strive to give you the smoothest gaming experience with the least possible input lag and next to zero tearing.

With these effective features, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be the lowest latency 1440p 240hz monitor in this price range.

Best 1440p 240hz monitor

The AMD Freesync Premium has your back by optimizing resources to ensure you get the maximum performance possible. No lags, just pure fluid super responsive gameplay, even with the mesmerizingly real HDR-enabled QHD visuals.

Freesync makes sure it displays the pitch blacks and bright whites in a compelling manner so you can enjoy your games and movies better, especially during a darker scene.

The FX RGB lighting will be lit up with different colors depending on the game situation, and it’s a pretty nice feel-good addition.

Surely, this is one of the best VA-panel 1440p 240hz monitor for aspiring pro players.

  • Ultra-fast 0.5 ms[MPRT] reaction time
  • QHD resolution
  • Fluid visuals with DisplayHDR 400 and freesync premium
  • 1000R VA panel makes way for minimum eye fatigue
  • Switch settings immediately with the quick-switch keypad
  • USB-C port can’t project full resolution without display port

Buying Guide for best 1440p 240hz monitor in 2023

Best 1440p 240hz Monitor

You just can’t go in the market and purchase a 1440p 240hz monitor out of nowhere. In this case, you need to find the best service-providing monitor that suits your budget range perfectly. Purchasing a luxurious and costly monitor will not be suitable if you have a lower budget with not that much of heavy tasks to perform.  

That’s why you will have to keep your focus triggered on some of the basic things. While purchasing a monitor, you will have to check those basic required things and match them with your budget. When all those requirements are fulfilled, and the pricing is also within the budget range, you can purchase the monitor without any second thoughts.  

Now, some of those essential things that you need to focus on while trying to purchase the best 1440p 140hx monitor are: 

Higher Refresh Rates  

You can’t forget about the refresh rates while buying a 1440p monitor, no matter for which purpose you intend to use it. If you are wondering about it, let me clarify it as it describes how often a display refreshes the image on the screen. You should always search for the displays with higher refresh rates for a better view.  

Because the higher the refresh rate of your monitor will be, your visual experience of content watching and gaming will become incredible. All the monitors present here come with higher refresh rates to provide a better experience. You can purchase any of the monitors above, as all of those come with a 240Hz refresh rate.  

Whether you play games or do heavy professional tasks with the monitor, you will get an incredibly fluid experience. So, while purchasing, you can go for any of those monitors if you want a monitor with high refresh rates.  

Color Accuracy  

Showing accurate colors in the monitor whether you do gaming, edit images and videos or do any official works. The monitor you purchase must come with this quality along with having appropriate gamut coverage. All the five monitors discussed above have a wide range of gamut coverage for your better service.  

Though all the monitors above don’t have the same level of HDRs, they all come with this feature. Those high-quality monitors either come with OLED or QLED screens for providing a top-notch experience to the viewers. All the pixels present in those monitors operate independently.  

You will experience a wide range of color gamuts with 135% sRGB (98% DCI-P3) coverage. The infinite contrast ratio of those monitors will enhance the viewing experience even more, when you are gaming. Excellent viewing angles and 500-600 nits of white luminance will assist you during image and video editing.  

So, whether you purchase a monitor among those five or not, make sure your monitor comes with the color accuracy as described.  


As you can see from the discussion, these five monitors consist of a screen with 1440p resolution. Whether about the image clarity or the gaming performance, it is a perfect resolution count to get amazed with the monitor performance. You need to keep a sharp eye on the screen resolution if you don’t want to regret it later.  

The QHD resolution measures at 2560 x 1440 (pixels), along with providing a crisp and clear content quality all along the way. Clarity, sharpness, and a good pixel density are highly ensured. Those monitors are built by keeping in mind about the users who do gaming, image editing, or other professional tasks.  

Regardless of which monitor you go with from the discussed list above, you will get a better experience than before. They are filled with exceptional qualities and features for better performance in real life. All you need to do is pick the proper one from your budget range, as all of these are incredible performers.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any clarity issue with the 1440p 240hz monitors while I play games with them?  

The five monitors we have discussed above are the best in this range because of their amazing performance. These 1440p 240hz monitors are well-known for their crisp and clear content displaying capability. As a result, the clarity will be top-notch when you purchase any of these five amazing monitors.  

Can I perform professional image and video editing tasks with these 1440p 240hz monitors?  

Yes, you can do professional image and video editing with each of these five 1440 240hz monitors. These monitors come with a fantastic viewing angle in the display with outstanding independent pixel operation. Along with that, the infinite contrast ratio will assist you by showing accurate colors.  

As a result, professional image and video editing will become much easier with these amazing monitors.  

Is there any possibility of facing a visibility issue if I operate it somewhere very bright?  

Hopefully, you won’t face any visibility issues with any of those five monitors. All of these consist of either OLED panels or QLED panels. Both these panels are capable of producing enough brightness to provide better visibility of the display contents. All the monitors can produce white luminance up to at least 700-800 nits. 

Some of these monitors can even generate light up to 2000 nits which ensures that you won’t face any visibility issue under any circumstances.  

Do I require a 240hz gaming monitor to play games?  

It is not like you must always need a 240hz refresh rate display to play games. But, indeed, some higher-end games won’t play nicely in the displays which has less than 240hz refresh rates. Along with that, games and contents will look much crisper, clearer, and more realistic with 240hz refresh rates.  

So, it is not a must-have feature for your monitor, but the presence of it will enhance your gaming experience.  


Hopefully, you will choose your Best 1440p 240hz monitor from our two tested and recommended products. We are including 2 products only because we don’t want to confuse you by recommending more products in this specific query. We know the value of research and investing time.

Lastly, If you are still confused between these two of them, we suggested you go with HP Omen X 27 inch because it is affordable with many features needed for gamers and regular users.