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It’s an awesome time to be a gamer, with newer and newer innovations hitting the monitor market. The latest thing in town is the 4k monitor, but there aren’t many who have the gear to supplement that. But they also don’t want to be held down to 1080p monitors. What’s the solution then? A 2k monitor! If you manage to land the best 2k 240hz monitor, you’ll hit that sweet spot between both.

It provides significantly rich pixel density while not being as over-demanding, giving you a decent gaming performance too! So the balance is just right!

It sounds lucrative, doesn’t it? If you go below, you’ll find my favorite picks of this category… But if you want to know what you need to consider before buy a 2k 240hz monitor then read my buying guide.

Best 2k 240hz monitor
Best 2k 240hz monitor

Top 3 Best 2k 240hz monitor in 2023

After thorough research, I picked 3 super sweet monitors that are extremely responsive, rich in color, and have an astounding design. The ones I chose are great at both color reproduction and delivering lighting-fast frames.

So you can play efficiently and with sass. Without further ado, here are my three choices for the 2k 240hz gaming monitors

Omen X 2k 240 Hz Gaming Monitor

best 2k 240hz monitor

Key features

  • TN Panel
  • Premium Freesync
  • Compact size and shape
  • QHD resolution

Let’s start our review with a high-end monitor from Omen. This 2k monitor offers so many breathtaking features that you’re gonna love this monitor from the first day. It comes with a true 240hz refresh rate to produce super picture quality. So, you will enjoy smooth images every time you look at the monitor screen. It’s so easy on the eye.

Apart from stunning picture quality, this 27″ monitor also has an attractive appearance. It looks premium with ambient lighting that glows on its base and stand. It will fit most setups. Therefore, it will increase the beauty of your home too.

Additionally, this exotic monitor is equipped with AMD Radeon Freesync 2 HDR technology. It will ensure low latency and generate a high frame rate to cope up with fast-paced games. Moreover, it will reduce the ghosting and stuttering issues to provide a superb gaming experience. 

The Quad HD monitor will let you adjust tilt and height. But you can’t rotate the monitor.

Also, the viewing angle of the monitor is 160/170°. As a result, you can enjoy games and video comfortably. Also, its menu buttons are not so comfy. 

  • No input lag and screen tearing
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Robust structure 
  • Works excellent with powerful GPU
  • You can’t swivel the monitor 

Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor

best 2k 240hz monitor

Key features

  • G-Sync ultimate
  • QHD display
  • 98% DCI-P3 color coverage
  • VESA mountable

A 2k 240hz monitor review article wouldn’t be complete without this 27-inch Alienware wizard. The remarkable features of the gaming monitor will outperform its rivals and provide you with superior gaming advantages.

The first thing you will spot from this device is the NVIDIA G-Sync ultimate. It provides smoother picture quality and performance than normal G-Sync. You will get more advantages while playing battlefield action-pack games like Fortnite, Cs: Go, Pubg, and so on.

But what sets this monitor apart is the fast IPS nano color technology. It will present a mind-blowing color gamut better than normal sRGB. It has 98% DCI-P3 color coverage. Incredible, isn’t it?

It offers a 240hz refresh rate and a 1ms (GTG) response rate with QHD screen resolution, so you can expect it to work wonders in every gaming session. Also, the real-time contrast ratios will maintain superb display balance in any game mode.

Here your eyes would be protected as the monitor features a flicker-free screen and ComfortView technology. Moreover, it has an extremely sturdy and gorgeous stand with lots of functionalities. It will allow you to do tilt, swivel, and height adjustments.

  • It won’t harm your eyes
  • Offers Standard color mode
  • Top-notch monolithic monitor stand 
  • Smooth gaming with 1ms response rate
  • The input and outport ports are tricky to access 

Samsung Odyssey G7

best 2k 240hz monitor

Key Features:

  • QLED technology
  • HDR600
  • Infinity core lighting

Last but not least, our final entry to this article is from the ever-reliable Samsung. The Odyssey G7 is a powerhouse when it comes to delivering high-definition video output. Explore a new horizon of gaming with its WQHD resolution that has 1.7 times more pixel density than your regular HD Monitors.

Being compatible with both Nvidia G-sync and Freesync, you’ll forget what frame drops even are. The 27″ monitor will match your graphics card every step of the way!

Enjoy the pinpoint visual clarity with QLED technology that provides 125% deeper color space than the industry standard 99% sRGB. The 1000R curved panel matches the human eye’s outlines seamlessly, giving you an immersive experience like no other.

This monitor was the first curved WQHD monitor from Samsung, turning heads from the get-go!

But being immersed in the monitor is just the start; the 240hz refresh rate will ensure you get the maximum frame rate and a silky smooth visual output. This visual input is further reinforced by the HDR600, letting you have an incredible in-depth view of every detail on the screen.

The rapid 1ms gtg response time makes sure you don’t miss a single beat. You’ll receive info as fast as possible in today’s technology; how cool is that?

Not just effective features, Samsung also brought a shimmering visual design with the infinity core lighting that makes the monitor look majestic as hell.

  • 1.7 times more pixel density
  • A curved panel that matches the shapes of the eyes
  • 240hz refresh rate and 1ms response time
  • Supports G-sync and Freesync
  • Dead pixel issues
best 2k 240hz monitor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a noticeable difference between 2K and 4K?

The 4k monitor will have almost twice the resolution compared to a 2k. This level difference is vividly noticeable.  

Is 3440×1440 better than 2560×1440?

Traditionally, both monitors are considered 2k. If both the monitors have the same aspect ratio, [let’s say 16:9], then 3440x1440p will have richer pixel density. So yes, it’ll be better, but it’ll be more demanding as well.

What is the best monitor size for 1440p?

The consensus among the gaming community is- 27″ is the best monitor size for 1440p.


There you go, those were my favorite monitors in the 2k category. I picked them because they provide the best quality for value. After reading my review of them you’ll also agree that every one of these deserves to be called the best 2k 240hz monitor.

Out of all 3, Samsung Odyssey G7 is my favorite. It’s stylish from the outside and filled with state-of-the-art features. I’m quite fascinated by it.

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