IPS vs TN vs VA – Which Display panel is best for gaming?

IPS, TN, and VA are some of the common types of monitors available in the market. The best one among these depends on the type of requirement you have with the monitor.

In this article, we have provided detailed information on IPS vs TN vs VA – which one is the best among these?

IPS vs TN vs VA – Which one is the Best Among These?

IPS vs TN vs VA

Twisted Nematic (TN) Panels

TN panels are flat-screen monitors. With the help of these monitors, the first CRT monitors were produced in mass.

To date, these monitors are available in the industry. With the advancement in technology, most people try to upgrade their monitors.

TN panels have a lot of drawbacks and find it tough to compete with advanced panels.

One such drawback is the restriction in the viewing angle, especially on the vertical axis. Also, the color reproduction of these panels is not so great compared to the latest panels. 

Most of these panels are not capable of displaying a 24-bit color and also cannot stimulate the right shades.

This finally results in a bad contrast ratio making it difficult for people to read in dull conditions.

These kinds of panels are not suitable for photo editing or any other applications where color accuracy is very much needed.

However, the TN panels are best known for their low response times, and this is the reason why the gamers never face any blurred lines in the heavy games as well.

Also, this is one of the reasons why beginner-level gamers love to use this monitor for multiplayer games where every second counts.

So, who is the TN panel best suitable for? The TN panels are best suitable for beginners who are looking out for budget-friendly monitors.

Moreover, if you are the kind of person for whom the viewing angle does not matter a lot, then you must choose the monitors of TN panels.

IPS Panels

IPS known as In-Plane Switching panel is developed to overcome the limitations of TN panels like poor color reproduction, limitations in the viewing angles, etc.

This is the reason why IPS panels are better in terms of performance compared to the TN panels.

If you view the IPS panels from any extreme angle, the color reproduction is accurate. Moreover, the color shift is very less in this kind of panel when compared to the TN panels.

Also, the black look on the screen is eliminated in the IPS panels, which you mostly find in the TN panels.

Though TN panels are best known for their high refresh rates, the latest IPS panels are also capable enough to catch up with the same level of refresh rates.

If you are a person who does not think about the response time and has a good budget for a better screen, then IPS panels are the best choice for you.

One thing the users of IPS panels must be aware of is that when the screen is viewed from extreme angles, they can find an IPS glow.

This glitch can be observed only when the screen is viewed from a side angle.

VA Panels

VA panels position themselves best between the IPS and TN panels. You can expect the best contrast ratio on the screen.

On the flip side, the VA panels do not have a great viewing angle compared to the IPS panels, but it does not have an IPS glow as well.

However, if you are particular about the shortest response rates, then VA panels are the right choice for you.

The Nano IPS panels have one-millisecond response rates. Also, there are a lot of VA panels with high refresh rates available in the market.

But, the downside of these screens is that you experience motion blur.

If you are a hardcore gamer, you must avoid purchasing the VA panels, as they come with a few flaws regarding gaming.

IPS vs TN vs VA – Which is the Right Choice For You?

IPS vs TN vs VA

IPS, TN, and VA panels share their own set of pros and cons. However, the right kind of panel depends on the purpose of use. Here are a few suggestions based on the usage types you have with the monitor:

  • Photo/ Video Editing

The IPS panel is one of the best panels that are suitable for video and photo editing purposes. It has the ability to produce great colors. If you are someone who is serious about the color reproduction features of the panel, then IPS panels are the best choice.

  • Office Use

If budget is of primary concern for office purposes, then the TN panels or the VA panels would do the work.

Most of the time, you do not face any lags or motion blur for basic office tasks. Moreover, the screen refresh rate does not play an important role when it comes to office purposes.

  • Online Gamers

If you are a hardcore gamer who loves playing multiplayer games, then you can choose the TN panels or the IPS panels with low latency.

However, the cost of the low-latency IPS panels is pretty high compared to the TN panels.

Even the basic TN panels come with a great refresh rate, which is good enough to handle the heavy games.

However, if you are looking for sharp images and high-contrast images, then VA panels are the best.

  • Other Benefits

IPS panels perform well overall in every aspect except for the contrast ratio. If you are ok with sacrificing the contrast ratio of the panel, then IPS is better compared to the TN and VA panels. However, VA also competes equally with the IPS panels and outperforms the panel in certain areas.


If you are confused about whether IPS or TN or VA panels are better, check the above-mentioned checklist and pick the one that suits your needs.

If you are not a hardcore gamer, a TN or VA monitor will suffice your needs. If not, you need to invest decent money in an IPS panel monitor.