Top 5 Best 240hz Monitor Under 300 in 2023 [Budget Gamers]

Buying high-tech monitors is easy when you have deep pockets. But the true struggle is when you have to balance quality and budget together. And that’s what I’ll be covering today in my quest to find the best 240hz monitor under 300.

After thorough research, I found 5 suitable candidates that could claim that title. All of them are competitive gaming-focused monitors that will surely leave you satisfied.

Eager to see? Then hop down below to see my precious findings. I’m confident that you’ll like what I’ve gathered.

Best 240hz monitor under 300
Best 240hz monitor under 300

Is it Worth Getting a 240Hz Monitor?

In order to know whether a gaming monitor is worth the price or not, you need to understand refreshing rate of it. So, what does the refreshing rate represent?

A monitor’s refreshing rate represents the number of total frames it displays every second. The refresh rate directly matches the maximum FPS that the monitor displays in real-time.

With that said, the advantage of a 240hz monitor is:

  • You will experience improved responsiveness and more fluidity while gaming. A high response rate means the reduction of motion blur. This means you can play high-speed games.
  • Probability of somewhat better response time in multiplayer

Undoubtedly, these 2 benefits are the prime requirement of some gamers, especially those focusing on competitive multiplayer, where a nanosecond can make significant differences. These monitor types also offer better performance over 60hz and 144hz gaming monitors.

Top 5 Best 240hz monitor under 300 in 2023 You Can Go for As a gamer – Quick Feature Review 

Monitor that has a higher refresh rate is mostly used by gamers. This type of monitor enhances the gaming experience to many extents which is not possible by a 60hz refresh rate monitor. but just 240hz alone cannot provide the extreme performance that is necessary.

A monitor is considered a good gaming monitor when it comes with a set of features. It should capable of providing an immersive gaming experience for pc gamers and console gamers. high refresh rate reducing motion blur increasing motion clarity and providing a responsive gaming experience.

without certain set of features, a 240hz monitor is far from complete. let’s see the key features of our top picks- 

Alienware 25 AW2521HF 24.5 inch Gaming Monitor 

Best 240hz monitor Under 300

Alienware AW2521HF Key features

  • 99% sRGB
  • AlienFX technology
  • Optimized ventilation

I’ll start things off with a bang! Alienware is one of the pioneers of the monitor industry, and their new 1080p 24.5″ monitor oozes quality. Its new IPS technology lets you witness fantastic image clarity from any angle. 

And with the native 240hz refresh rate, you can pair that clear display with the fluid motion to relish in a jaw-dropping experience. 

This monitor is compatible with AMD Freesync and Nvidia G-sync that’ll sync with the GPU to give you high-quality output without slowing down your gameplay. It is enormous when you’re playing competitive games like CS: GO or Fortnite.

Wait, there’s more! The actual 1ms response rate promises lag-free gaming; there won’t be any need to use artificial tricks to remove ghosting or motion blur.

Alienware’s new design is bolder, minimal, and sleek, which will attract people. It has a venting design at the top, rear, and sides for ventilation.

I love the fact that they took feedback from gamers and added a new tapered stand where you can place your keyboard at any angle. 

The height adjustment marker lets you set your preferred height; it is an excellent QoL addition. 

You get fantastic color reproduction thanks to the 99% sRGB color coverage alongside seamless motions and high-quality imagery.

Finally, AlienFX technology has dynamic lighting effects related to your in-game actions, giving you a much better immersive experience when you’re playing.

  • Has Nvidia G-sync and Freesync
  • True 1ms response rate
  • Good pixel density
  • User-friendly OS
  • Dead pixel issues
Best 240hz monitor Under 300

Why should you buy this product, and who should buy this?

The name ALIENWARE speaks itself about its competence. People who are sticklers for quality would love the color fidelity and smoothness of this monitor. The OS deserves a shoutout too!

Lenovo Legion Y25-25 LCD Gaming Monitor

Best 240hz monitor Under 300

Lenovo Legion Y25 Key features

  • Eye comfort and protection
  • Minimum glare
  • 400 nits brightness
  • HDR

The legion Y25 focuses on stutter-free gameplay more than anything. Elite players want their monitors to be the best, and this LCD monitor is one of them.

Lenovo promises you’ll find no ghosting or tearing, minimum streaking, and zero interruptions while you’re in the game. No matter how fast the gameplay is, you will not find yourself experiencing any lags. 

This is particularly important for shooting games where hit reg is a significant factor. A mere fraction of seconds decides whether you survive the fight or not. 

It is all thanks to the 240hz refresh rate and AMD Freesync premium support that will eliminate all these terrible issues for you. The 1ms response time will let you spot and fire at enemies as soon as you see them. 

When you are playing at a top level, you’ll need to look at everything happening on the screen. The IPS panel gives you good viewing angles, while HDR lets you have high-quality visual output.

The 400 nits brightness and 99% sRGB color gamut produce excellent color, even in dark areas.

Completely immerse yourself in the game with 3 side needless bezels. You can play for long hours since the monitor has minimal eye strain, certified by TUV Rheinland.

  • Has AMD Freesync premium support
  • 99% sRGB color gamut
  • Solid build quality
  • Delay in leaving and entering a game in HDR
Best 240hz monitor Under 300

Why should you buy this product, and who should buy this?

Those who want the most immersive experience would be amazed by its 3 sided bezels that help them improve their focus.

Acer’s XF250Q gaming monitor

Best 240hz monitor Under 300


  • VisionCare technology for eye-protection
  • No input lag or ghosting
  • HD picture quality

When you come up with a 240hz monitor backed by the famous brand Acer, you can put your trust in its performance and abilities. This 24.5-inch guy offers 1920 X 1080 full HD resolution to allow you to enjoy everything you watch on it. Plus, the 16:9 aspect ratio ensures the finest image quality with stunning detail.

The zero-frame size of the monitor will enhance the room’s beauty where you are going to mount it. Gamers love this monitor as its display is G-sync compatible, and the good news is that NVIDIA validates the monitor’s G-sync technology. That means it won’t create any issue synchronizing with GeForce graphics cards.

Acer’s renowned VisionCare technology makes the monitor even unique. This technology offers features like blur light filter, low-dimming, comfy-view, and Flicker-less display to minimize eye strain no matter how long you watch games and videos.

Thanks to the 1ms response rate, now you can enjoy any game without being irritated by low input lag, ghosting, or smearing. With the help of Acer ErgoStand, you can easily tilt, swivel 90°, pivot, and move up or down the monitor to achieve the most suitable viewing angle.   

  • NVIDIA certified G-sync technology
  • Vesa Compatible mounting takes less space
  • It comes with two built-in speakers
  • Color quality is not first-class
Best 240hz monitor Under 300

Why should you buy this product, and who should buy this?

This monitor causes no harm to our eyes. So, anyone who wants to be a professional game and will spend hours playing fast-action games should buy this beast.

Aopen 27HC5R Curved Monitor

Best 240hz monitor Under 300

Aopen 27HC5R Key features

  • High-definition picture quality
  • Adaptive-sync technology
  • Unique eye-protection technology

Though this review is about the best 240hz monitor under 300, the AOPEN 27-inch LED monitor is priced marginally above 300 bucks. This stunning monitor comes with useful features with an impressive zero-frame appearance. Also, you will get HD picture quality which offers beautiful brightness and contrast.  

To give you an excellent gaming experience, this monitor is crafted with 1500R beautiful cinematic curves. So, this 27-inch monitor will also beautify your room’s appearance.

For getting incredible performance without any ghosting or input lag, this 240hz monitor offers a 1ms response rate. As a result, you can beat opponents no matter how fast the gaming mode is.    

If you have a little bit more budget then you can check my Under 400 & Under 500 monitor list. If possible then increase Your budget & get the Best of Best Monitor.

To coordinate your natural skills with the monitor, this guy offers adaptive-sync technology. Therefore, this monitor will deliver a seamless gaming and video experience no matter what your device’s graphics card’s refresh rate is.

Moreover, its aspect ratio is 16:9, which is ideal for a curved monitor. Plus, the curved display and -5 to 25 degrees of tilting options of this outstanding AOPEN monitor ensure a consistent viewing experience. The Vesa mounting option will help you set up this monitor within a few minutes.

  • Zero-frame design
  • Flicker-less and blue-light protected technology
  • -5 to 25 degrees of screen tilting options
  • Pixels per inch (PPI) is comparatively low
Best 240hz monitor Under 300

Why should you buy this product, and who should buy this?

If you want a stylish monitor with top-notch features, then this monitor won’t disappoint you. This 27-inch monitor will give you a serious competitive edge.

VIOTEK GFT27CXB Gaming Monitor

Best 240hz monitor Under 300

VIOTEK GFT27CXB Key features

  • 99% sRGB Gamut
  • AMD free sync technology
  • 3 customized user-profile settings

Here is our final monitor of the list, and it is another 27-inch monitor. This 240hz device will offer optimal pixel performance to let you enjoy smooth videos with zero dropped frames. On top of that, the monitor’s TN panel provides a 99% sRGB gamut, which is absent in most of its competitors.

Moreover, its fully customizable colors are rich in depth. So, you will get stunning picture quality. The great thing about this monitor is that you can store up to 3 unique user profiles. So, you don’t need to adjust your settings differently for different games or gaming modes.

Furthermore, it comes with AMD FreeSync low-framerate compensation technology. So, you will enjoy fluid gameplay without any issue. For a comfortable viewing angle, you can pivot, tilt, swivel and rotate the monitor easily. The VESA mounting enables you to mount it on a wall too.

This 240hz monitor is very versatile too. You can attach this monitor with Xbox and PS4 or PS5 too. Besides, its HDMI port allows you to use it as a second monitor. Also, the crosshair option is pretty cool. This monitor is easy to set up too.   

  • Superior picture quality
  • VESA mounting enabled
  • Handy Crosshair option
  • You may face a dead pixel issue
Best 240hz monitor Under 300

Why should you buy this product, and who should buy this?

Fast-moving games need rapid monitors. With a high refresh and response rate, this monitor will offer excellent gaming convenience. It’s a complete package for those who participate in various online gaming competitions regularly.

What to Consider When Buying the Best 240hz Monitor Under $300 – Buying Guide

Valuable time, money, and effort must be well-valued. That is why we want to make sure you buy the right 240hz gaming monitor according to your need.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when buying the best 240hz monitor under $300.

Screen Size and Resolution

Sadly, people consider the size only when buying a monitor. But the quality relies on the resolution as well. So, you need to consider the screen size and the resolution simultaneously.

Most monitors come with a 1080p resolution. This resolution is quite sufficient for maximum gamers. While, if you want more detail, 1440p is ideal. Moreover, the 4K resolution is also excellent. But at a $300 price tag, unless you compromise on the refresh rate.

If you want to buy a 1440p monitor, consider your performance. At 1080 high settings, GPU would be fine, but it can find steady performance with an increase of 78% in resolution.

Also, consider your system limitations when buying a gaming monitor of 240hz.

Response Time

Pixel response time refers to response time. In simpler words, your monitor’s response according to the input is known as response time.

For a more prominent display, 5ms is acceptable. However, competitive gamers prefer using monitors with a 1ms response rate for less perceivable lag.

Refresh Rate

A monitor’s refresh rate is measured in Hertz (Hz). For gamers, 240hz is the maximum response rate. A higher response rate means smoother motion. You will be able to get quicker reactions, greater experience, and better vision while playing games on a 240hz gaming monitor.

Though higher refresh monitors will cost you more, you will always enjoy better benefits over monitors of 60hz or 144hz monitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a 240hz monitor run Fortnite?

Yes, Fortnite will run on a 240hz monitor smoothly. You will find some in-depth reviews of the best 240hz monitors for Fortnite here.

Can I use this for my PS5?

Yes, but you will only get a 120hz refresh rate because that’s the limit of a PS5 for now. Also, there aren’t many games on PS5 that go over 60hz.

Does my PC support 240hz?

If your PC has a DisplayPort or HDMI, then it can run 240hz. It’d be possible even with an integrated GPU.

What does 240hz mean?

240hz indicates the refresh rate of a monitor. When you upgrade to a 240hz monitor, it doesn’t mean the framerate changes to 240 fps; instead, the screen will refresh 240 times per second, regardless of what’s on the net.

Is 1440p 240Hz possible?

In 2020, there were quite a few 1440p 240hz, and you can expect more of them in the coming years. Look at my favorite picks for best 1440p 240hz monitors here.

Is a curved monitor better for gaming 240hz?

If you want the highest performance and emersion from your gaming experience, a curved monitor would be an ideal choice.

Although it is not mandatory to buy a curved monitor for a better gaming experience at 240hz, sometimes people opt for a flat, standard display.

My Rating and Recommendation

Best 240hz monitor under 300
Best 240hz monitor under 300

The best 240hz monitor under $300 is the sweet spot between an affordable price tag and a quality product. In my eyes, it is the best of both worlds—no wonder this range is popular with the masses. And I’m confident the five products I picked will quench your hunger for competitive gaming. 

Amongst these, I fell in love with Alienware 25 AW2521HF super smooth monitor. While most of them have similar features, some distinct qualities make each of them viable. Choose the one that resonates with you, and have a blast!