How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller (5 Ways) ?

Gaming without audio is no fun. The audio or the background music in games builds up tension and emotion while gaming that making the gaming experience superior. But if something happens wrong with the headphone jack on the Xbox one controller that will ruin your whole gaming experience.

A faulty headphone jack on the gaming controller is a big headache for all gamers. It disrupts the gaming experience and doesn’t allow recording voice properly. many users reported such issues over these years. Today, we will learn how to fix the headphone jack on Xbox one controller.

How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller

What Problems Faulty Xbox one Controller Can cause?

According to the users who faced the audio problems on the Xbox one controller, most of the time it happens suddenly. The users face common problems and these are-

  • You can hear others, others cannot hear you
  • Suddenly the audio quality becomes dull
  • The audio was working fine a minute ago but now it just buzzing
  • Disrupt audio i.e, audio is keep connecting and disconnecting
  • Audio stooped working some time ago, after some time it’s working fine

If the problem is minor detaching and plugging the headphone jack into the controller port sometimes can resolve the issue. But for a permanent fix, you must know what causing the problem and after that take action accordingly.

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What Can Cause the Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack to Stop Working?

There is no one fixed issue that can cause the headphone problem. Actually, the Xbox one controller headphone jack stopped working problem can be triggered by several things. Some of the most of things are-

  • The most common reason for the audio problem of the controller is the faulty headphone socket. If the headphone socket is not connected properly with the motherboard, it will surely cause an audio issue. For many users, the audio input jack got damaged somehow which cause the audio problem.
  • The Xbox one headset which you are trying to connect may have an internal hardware issue. The Xbox can have the same issue.
  • Outdated Xbox one controllers sometimes struggle to connect with the audio device. If your controller of yours is one of the first generation controllers, you should try a new and updated controller. That can possibly resolve the voice and audio issue.
  • The controller runs on battery. If the batteries are weak, they cannot run or record audio. weak batteries cannot supply the needed power required to run audio.
  • All headsets are not compatible with Xbox one controller and incompatibility is one of the main reasons for the audio problem.
  • Sometimes silly mistakes like not attaching the Xbox one headset jack to the controller’s 3.5mm jack properly can cause this. Without the jack connecting to the port firmly, it is not capable of providing sound through the Xbox one headset.

The above-mentioned reasons are the most common reason for Xbox one controller audio not working problem. After you know the cause, it is time to solve the problem.

How to fix Headphone Jack on Xbox one controller?

The causes of audio issues on Xbox one audio controllers are several so the fixes are also different. We are describing some of the methods that worked for most of the users. You should try the fix in order until the issue is solved. You may resolve the issue after applying 2 or 3 fixes. But if not, you should try all of these.

5 Ways to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller

Fix-1: General Troubleshooting

Before trying any advanced techniques, you must try the general ones. Sometimes the issue is minor but we think that something big may happen. Some first apply the general troubleshooting and after that proceed to advanced ones.

  • Many times the controller causes audio issues if there is dirt on the plug or port. So, unplug the audio jack, look for any dirt. If you find any, clean it and then replug the jack into the port.
  • Some headset comes with a mute button. Make sure that the mute option is not active. If there is no mute button on your headset, check the volume is not low. Try pressing the control button and see if the issue gets solved or not.
  • Using your Xbox one control you can boost the audio of the headset. Go to Setting then Device and Accessories, from there you can control and change the audio settings.
  • Hardware malfunction can cause an audio issue. To check that you should use a different headset with your old controller. If the headset works fine that means there can be a problem with the old headset.
  • Low batteries can also cause this problem. You should check the battery level of your Xbox One controller. If the battery level is less than 40%, recharge the batteries and try again to connect the audio.
  • Restarting the Xbox resolved the issue for many users. Simply, unplug the cord of the Xbox from the power outlet. Replug it after 15 seconds and this will reboot the device.

These all are general troubleshooting for Xbox one audio issues. After trying all of these the issue remains you should try the advanced methods listed below.

Fix-2: Xbox One Privacy Setting

It is possible to mute the microphone of your headset through a privacy setting. If that setting is activated, the user will surely face trouble with the audio. The child account option on Xbox one also limits the audience. So, when the child account setting is activated you surely will face audio issues. Using the parent account it is possible to modify the settings. To modify the privacy setting follow the below-mentioned steps-

Step-1: Go to Xbox One setting

Press the Xbox button that you’ll find on the top section of your Xbox controller.

How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller

On your screen, it will open a menu. From there navigate to the Setting icon and then select All Settings.

How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller

Step-2: The Xbox One Privacy settings

After clicking All Settings, a new window will open and from there select the Account option which will be on the top of the left panel.

From there you have to choose the Privacy and Online Safety option. It will take you to a new window.

How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller

Step-3: Customize Privacy setting

On the new window, on the right side, you’ll see View Details and Customize options. Click on that.

How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller

Now select the Communicate with voice and text option. Change the option to Everyone. After that, close the Setting window.

How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller
How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller

Now try communication with your friends and see if they can hear you properly or not. If there still remains the problem, follow the next fix.

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Fix-3: Performing Power Cycle on the Xbox One

According to many Xbox users performing a power cycle resolve the audio issue. Many times the audio issue can be caused by any type of system glitch. Power cycle can fix such glitches making the system run smoothly.

The process of performing the power cycle is straightforward. Here is how to do it-

Step-1: Press and hold the Power Button

To perform the power cycle press and hold the Power button of the Xbox console for 15 seconds. Do not leave the button until you see the LED on the power button turn off. After that wait for 3-5 minutes.

Step-2: Turn on the Xbox one Console

After waiting, press the power button once to turn on the console. If the power cycle is successful, you’ll see a green background during the boot-up. Without that animation, the power cycle is not completed. If that happens, repeat the process again.

Step-3: Try Plugging the Headset

Now plug your headset into the controller’s headset port. Check if the audio is working properly or not.

If the audio issue is not solved, try the next fix.

Fix-4: Update the Xbox Controller Firmware

Outdated consoles sometimes cause audio problems. To get rid of this problem you have to update your console. Using USB you can update your console firmware.

Step-1: Go to setting

Go to the setting option on Your console. Navigate to System< Update and Downloads.

How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller
How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller

Step-2: Check for Update

Under the Update, section click on Update available. If there is any new update, update to that version using the on-screen guide.

How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller
How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller

Step-3: Plugin Stereo headset

After the update is completed, plug the stereo headset adapter into the controller of the Xbox One. Now, use a USB cable to connect the controller to the Xbox One console.

How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller
How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller

Step-4: Update

On your screen, you’ll see the update process. After the process is completed reboot the console and try the audio features.

How to fix headphone jack on Xbox one controller

If even after trying all these fixes do not fix the audio issue, the problem is with the controller headset port. You have to replace it.

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Fix-5: Replace the Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack

The Lossen headphone jack of the controller often causes audio problems. When the controller headphone jack is loose and doesn’t attach to the motherboard it cannot produce audio smoothly. The only solution to this problem is to replace the jack.

Step-1: Open the Xbox One Controller

Use T-7 torx and T-9 torx to open the console controller. Be careful while opening it, as applying high pressure can break the controller cover.

The side panel on an Xbox One controller.

Step-2: Remove the Screws

Total five screws are holding the controller together. Four screws are placed in four corners and the last one is hidden in the battery compartment. Use a Screwdriver to unscrew those.

Step-3: Examine the Xbox one controller Headphone Jack

Check carefully the Xbox one controller headphone jack. Most probably it is loose and doesn’t connect to the motherboard firmly.

A disassembled Xbox controller with the headphone jack highlighted

Unscrew the screws

The headphone jack in an Xbox One controller.

that are holding the upper circuit to remove the controller headphone jack.

Step-4: Pry the Jack component

Most probably the bottom components of the jack are flattened. Use something to extend those and replace the jack back into its place.

The headphone jack component from an Xbox One controller with tweezers.

Step-5: Attach the Controller

Now secure the upper circuit by mounting the screws. Put the cover back and check the audio. That should solve the audio problem of the controller.

Final Thoughts

Audio not working properly on the Xbox One controller is a huge problem. The solution for this problem is somehow simple and one can do it easily by following some simple steps. In this post, we have discussed how to fix the headphone jack on the Xbox One controller. If the fixes do not work for you, you should contact a repair shop.

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